Hi there!

This is the official website of Prishtina International Poster Festival. And this is Third Edition of Prishtina 2023 International Poster Festival.

The application to participate in PIPF is open and You can apply.

The project for establishing the International Poster Festival of Pristina will be traditional. His journey will have an international character in terms of competition, it will be international in terms of judging exactly the evaluation of the posters that will be part of the festival and those that will be selected as the best posters and will be honored with prizes from the international jury.
The festival itself includes two categories of competition, one will be from the professional field, where students of graphic design can compete, including those in public and private local and international universities, in addition to them, other young people or students are also eligible to compete. of the field of graphic design that have the poster as their medium of expression.
Professional category

Everybody in this category including professors at different universities can apply by their own posters.

Student category

Every student of the universities or colleges can apply in this category and feel free to send their posters.

Enthusiast category

Enthusiast category is one of the new category that can be together with students and everybody feel free to apply